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Develop a skill for reading

Once you find your favourite things to read, be sure to occasionally branch out. You never know when you might find a new favourite.

Many people decide they don’t like reading because they found the books they had to read in school to be boring. Keep in mind that schools often want to regulate what students read, and the books they require by no means represent every kind of reading material available. Remember to not limit yourself to just books. Keep in mind that there are countless magazines, newspapers, websites, etc. that you may love to read.
Try reading plays. This brings Shakespeare to many people’s minds, but really you can read any play. It is quite a different reading experience and is enjoyable to many people. For some people, reading a bit about the author’s background helps.
If you like books from a particular author, try to get some background information about the author. It will help you to make your reading more enjoyable and fun. It will also help you to have more information about the author, the way the books are brought into being and other different things.